15 Celebrities That Were Nerds In School

When you look at the most of the celebrities you see a beautiful charming people. But if you look at their year school book you’ll see that they weren’t as beautiful as they are now.

A lot of exercises, workouts and in some cases corrective surgery had to be done so they could look like they look today. We bring you 15 celebrities that looked like a nerds when they were young. You won’t believe that among them are some beauties like Margot Robbie and Scarlett Johansson. So let’s begin!

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Jennifer Garner young and today

Jennifer Garner


Goldie Hawn young and today

Goldie Hawn


Eminem young and today



Dwayne Johnson young and today

Dwayne Johnson


Demi Moore young and today

Demi Moore


Craig David young and today

Craig David


Channing Tatum young and today

Channing Tatum


Catherine Zeta-Jones young and today

Catherine Zeta-Jones


Scarlett Johansson young and today

Scarlett Johansson


Ryan Reynolds young and today

Ryan Reynolds


Robert Downey Jr. young and today

Robert Downey Jr.


Matthew Lewis young and today

Matthew Lewis


Margot Robbie young and today

Margot Robbie


Kate Moss young and today

Kate Moss


Kate Middleton young and today

Kate Middleton


Joe Manganiello young and today

Joe Manganiello