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“The Runner”

In the first scene, Courteney Cox is making out with a guy on a bed before kissing her chest while he squeezes her breasts and covers her nipples with his hands.

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Here, Courteney Cox is first seen in a black bra, then topless during a love scene with a man, revealing her left breast while having sex in bed with him.


Now, Courteney Cox shows plenty of skin while nude underneath a guy when they have sex, but her nipples are never completely visible since they are obscured by an arm or leg.

“Cougar Town”

Courteney Cox enters a room wearing a black bra and pantyhose, flaunting her stunning physique as a man waits in bed for her and turns the lights on and off before climbing into bed and kissing him.

Courteney Cox has Christa Miller surprise her by ripping her blouse open in a pub, revealing some impressive cleavage in a bra, before an old man rewards Courteney with money, forcing her to realize she likes the concept.

“Blue Desert”

Here, Courteney Cox making out with a guy, he lowers her white tank top and cups her breasts with his hand. We then see her lying in bed with the guy, twice revealing her left breast, once when she rolls onto her back and again when she is lying with the guy on top of her as they have sex.

“The Opposite Sex and How To Live With Them”

In the last scene, Courteney Cox is laying in bed, her leg protruding from beneath the sheets, as a man licks ice cream off her knee and thigh. The camera then goes up to Courteney’s head, where the sheets are wrapped around her chest, revealing a large chunk of her breast.

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