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In the first scene, Ana Alexander nuzzles a man in bed while reaching for a pair of handcuffs to shackle him. He then reclines, and Ana kneels between his thighs, laying down on him for a few moments before turning over and lying on her back next to him.

Alexander climbing into the lap of a man in an abandoned movie theatre, slipping her panties off and exposing her bare buttocks. When she drives with him, the guy unbuttons her shirt and takes her breasts free from her bra.

Ana Alexander is having a bathroom fling with a guy and ends up on the floor when he rips her shirt open to expose her bra. When he lies down on top of her and they have sex, the guy slips her pants off and we see her bare buttocks from the side.

Alexander is reclining topless on a boat in a marina when a man approaches her, and she strikes up a conversation with him before removing his swim trunks.

And now, Alexander undresses in a conference room, first removing her bra to expose her breasts, and also removing her panties. Her bare buttocks are visible as she reclines on a table and has sex with a man who stands between her thighs.

Ana Alexander is nude and oiled in bed, lying on her back after a massage. Jill Evyn is lying next to her in a pair of red panties, topless. In this lesbian scene, Jill runs her hand down Ana’s stomach and fingers her until Ana has an intense orgasm.

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Alexander enters a bath nude, swinging around and lowering herself into the shower, exposing her bare buttocks. Her breasts are visible above the water as she reclines against the tub’s back.

So, Crystal Allen, who is sunbathing nude, is approached by Alexander. Ana takes a seat next to Crystal, who assists her in removing her dress. When they kiss, the two nude girls hug Ana on her back under Crystal.

She and Crystal Allen kiss each other as Crystal unbuttons Ana’s jeans in a lesbian make-out scene.

Kit Willesee stands nude in front of Ana Alexander in a cell after removing her prison uniform. Then, Kit lifts Ana’s tank top off to reveal her breasts until she gets up and the girls make out. In the end, Kit then takes the top bunk, while Ana takes the bottom bunk.