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“Fear Street Part Two: 1978”

Sadie Sink is in the boy’s room. He’s dressed in shorts and a tank top. She approaches him and speaks to him. She begins kissing him at one point.

“Dear Zoe”

Sadie Sink is sleeping in her bed. In the following scene, we see her standing in front of the house with the dog on a leash. He’s dressed in a tank top and shorts. A young man emerges from the delivery truck, his arm full of balloons.


Sadie Sink sits at the table in the room and doodles. He’s dressed in a tank top and short shorts. A woman enters the room, bearing a gift for her. Sadie sits on the bed and takes out the gift.


Sadie Sink enters the convenience shop. She’s dressed in a silver formal gown with straps and a high neckline. At one point, she leans against the refrigerator and attempts to entice a store employee. In the following scene, we see her strolling down the street when a young man from a business approaches her and talks to her.