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“Orange Is The New Black”

Ruby Rose is nude in front of a mirror following a shower in a jail bathroom as Taylor Schilling approaches her, wrapped in a towel.

“Around the Block”

In this lesbian scene, Ruby is seen making out with Christina Ricci as Christina takes Ruby’s tank top off to reveal her breasts and Ruby lifts Christina’s shirt off to reveal a bra.


Ruby Rose emerges from a frozen lake and lies pressed against the surface, exposing her cleavage down her wet tank top while looking around and breathing heavily.

Here, Ruby Rose and her partner are lying in bed together, making out and talking while lesbians kiss each other.

Ruby Rose, in a grey tanktop, and Meagan Tandy, in a black sports bra, lesbians kiss each other as they roll around on a bed.

“Dark Matter”

As a guy watches, Rose stands in a room unzipping her leather outfit and then starting to open it, revealing a smidgeon of cleavage.

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