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“The White Queen”

In the first scene, Rebecca Ferguson is sitting in a bath, her breasts protruding from the water and her nipples visible through her hair. After her wash, she stands topless, surrounded by her maids who wrap her up.


Now, Ferguson is dressed in a see-through undergarment that she removes off her shoulders to reveal her breasts as she lays back in bed with a man.


In this scene, Rebecca Ferguson relaxing on a bed beside a fire with a man, then turning over on top of him and having sex with him. She leans back while riding him and drops her top, exposing her breasts.

Rebecca Ferguson Sexy Shoot for Hong Kong’s Vogue

You will love every single of these Rebecca Ferguson sexy pictures! Rebecca Ferguson’s June 2023 Vogue Hong Kong photo session is a direct present to all of her followers. Royal Gilbert shot her in a unique and modern style, providing us with some honest photos that continue to bring us delight. Every image is a unique interpretation of the “Silo” actress, making this photo session one-of-a-kind.