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Natalie Portman Nude – Pics, Scenes and Porn [NEW 2024]

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Alright guys, so here are the nudes! And in this collection of Natalie Portman nude photos you will have a chance to see her ass, pussy and tits! All of these photos below were leaked online after being stolen from her personal iCloud, just like the Natalie Portman porn video that you all just have seen above!

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Miss Natalie Portman surely knows that she’s a sex bomb to everyone on this planet, so she doesn’t kind showing of her tits in public once in a while! Here are some pics of Natalie Portman nude tits on the beach and some side boob in the city! I just love Natalie Portman topless!

Natalie Portman Hot at “Thor” Premiere

Well, one of the worst jobs ever, by a makeup artist and a stylist has been done! Natalie Portman hot body was put in some kind of a sparkly mini dress that only showed off her bones, as well as the makeup that was completely uneven, and made this actress look five years older than she actually is! Natalie Portman will never stop looking good to me, but this terrible job done on her is completely outrageous! She was pictured by some sneaky paparazzi at the premiere of the new Marvel movie, “Thor” in Hollywood!

Natalie Portman Sexy New Shots

Check out these gorgeous new pictures of Natalie Portman! She was photographed while working on a Dior photo shoot by some sly photographers! At one point, she was absolutely drenched! Natalie Portman is having the time of her life despite her marital issues, appearing in a stunning beach photo shoot for Dior in Spain while wearing a flowing red dress.

Natalie Portman Hot in Rome

Hey guys! Here are some fresh images of the attractive actress! Some paparazzi snapped a photo of Natalie Portman’s gorgeous body! At Rome’s Gran Melia Hotel, she was seen taking pictures to promote the film “Thor: Love and Thunder”! Miss Portman flaunted her big legs in a stunning red dress!

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Look at all of these new Natalie Portman hot paparazzi shots! The brunette is so sexy, since she decided to show off her legs! That mini dress really revealed the full length! Natalie Portman was pictured by the paparazzi as she was arriving for an event!

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Guys! Check out all of these photos of Natalie Portman looking gorgeous as fuck! She was recently photographed by the paparazzi! The nicest part about the snooping paparazzi is that they spy on all of our favorite celebs as they go about their regular lives! For instance, we now have some fantastic photos of Natalie Portman in a bikini! These photographs were taken on the Bronte Beach in Sydney!

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Natalie Portman Nude and Sex Scenes

Here are all of the Natalie Portman nude and sex scenes!

“Vox Lux”

The first scene is from a movie called “Vox Lux”. Natalie Portman is wearing a loose-fitting bra that almost exposes her nipple as she sits in a chair and leans far back, stretching her arms out. She then sits talking to a guy for a while, showing cleavage in the bra.


Next scene is from a movie called “Annihilation”. Natalie Portman reveals bare back and a little side boob from behind as she’s having sex at the top of a guy in bed. We’ll get a look at her from the foot, seen from the shoulders up as she continues to ride the man.

“Black Swan”

And the next scene is from a movie we all know. It’s called “Black Swan”. Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis are enthusiastic about undressing in the bedroom, going to bed as Mila yanks Natalie’s panties off. Natalie is wearing a pink bra, and Mila is wearing a black bra as she bends over Natalie and goes down on her, giving her oral sex before Natalie reaches orgasm in this lesbian scene.

“No Strings Attached”

The last few scenes are from a movie called “No Strings Attached”. Natalie Portman is lying back in bed with a guy in a pair of panties and a lacy bra as she kisses the guy. Then she goes into a condom drawer and the man slips off her panties before having sex with Natalie.

In the next scene Natalie Portman is sitting on the edge of the bed as she starts to cover up, revealing her bare ass momentarily as she bends over to put on a pair of panties. And she’s standing up, displaying some cleavage in a blue bra while talking to a man who’s still in bed.

Natalie Portman rolled around with a guy in bed while naked, her breasts pressing against him. Then we see her bottomless in a white bra, lying on her back at the top of the guy with her legs on the back of the sofa, supporting her to the waist. Finally, we get a quick glimpse of Natalie having sex with the guy in bed, seen from above and behind as she rides him.