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Mila Kunis (Age 36) is an American actress. She moved from Ukraine to the United States with her family, when she was seven. Mila appeared in several television series and commercials, before her first role at age 14, playing on the television series ‘That ’70s Show’. Also, she has voiced Meg Griffin on the animated series ‘Family Guy’.

She appeared in thriller ‘Black Swan’, ‘Max Payne’, ‘The Book of Eli’, ‘Friends with Benefits’, ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’, ‘Ted’, ‘Bad Moms’ and the sequel, ‘Friends With Benefits’ alongside Justin Timberlake. Kunis began dating her co-star Ashton Kutcher and they became engaged in February 2014. The couple has two children.

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Besides very hot leaked nudes of beautiful miss Kunis, we prepared the compilation of her sex and hot scenes from ‘Friends With Benefits’ and lesbian wet sex scenes from ‘Black Swan’ movie. Also, she gave us her moaning and fucking skills, besides the pussy-licking performance she gave to Natalie Portman!

Mila Kunis Nude and Sex Scenes

Alright fellas, here are all of the Mila Kunis nude and sex scenes shown separately! Enjoy and keep scrolling!

‘Friends With Benefits’

Mila Kunis undresses with a man, pulling her top over her head to expose a black bra. Mila is on top of the man for a bit before he goes under the covers to go down on her after they have sex in bed. She then follows suit and does the same to him.

Mila Kunis is lying on her back in bed in a provocative bra and pantyhose, showcasing some cleavage, while a man sits between her legs and speaks to her. Mila then gets to her feet and puts on a dress.


Mila Kunis stars in a montage of sex scenes with a friend, nearly revealing her breasts as she and the man engage in sex in a number of positions and locations. We see bare buttocks at one point, but it’s a body double for Mila.

‘Black Swan’

The next scene that I have to show you si from the ‘Black Swan’ movie.

Mila Kunis is lying on a table with a man standing over her, kissing him before ripping her top off to expose a black bra and some good cleavage. Natalie Portman stands back and imagines herself in Mila’s shoes, revealing some cleavage in a black bra as the guy kisses her instead.

‘Boot Camp’

The last two scenes are from the ‘Boot Camp’ movie.

Mila Kunis is nude on a patch of concrete outside next to an outdoor pool, her legs pulled up to her face, exposing only a sliver of cleavage from under her breasts.

Mila Kunis is seen sitting on a bed and then standing in the bathroom as a man places a necklace around her neck and then begins making out with her, until they eventually collapse onto a bed and roll around a little, revealing Mila’s breasts. Mila’s breasts have been darkened by the filmmaker.