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Laura Ramsey is sitting naked in bed, her breasts visible, wearing nothing but a sailor’s cap, when a man opens the door.

“Kill The Irishman”

As a man looks on, Ramsey walks into a room wearing a silver robe that she lets hang open to display her bare breasts and partly see-through underpants.

“Middle Men”

Laura Ramsey, dressed in a pink and black lingerie top and thong pants, strikes a sensual position on a couch, even revealing her camel toe as she lifts her left leg up.

In this scene, Laura Ramsey is topless in just a pair of underwear as she lies on top of a man in bed, her right breast partially showing as it presses on the man’s chest.

“No One Lives”

Now, Ramsey, wrapped in a towel, approaches a bed. As a man kneels in front of her, she sheds the towel and stands naked, her stomach visible.


Laura Ramsey, dressed in a cropped white shirt and black slacks, enters a room with a box of clothes and then tries on numerous ensembles in front of a full-length mirror.

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