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“The Royals”

All of the scenes are form the same TV show called “The Royals”. In the first scene Keeley Hazell, standing in front of a mirror, reveals cleavage in a black bra as she puts on a red gown. A man is heading over to her, and he’s beginning to help her zip it in the back.

In the next scene we see Keeley Hazell in a lingerie set that shows her nice cleavage as she’s standing and talking to some man who is spraying something in his hair.

In the next scene we see Keeley Hazell showing a nice cleavage in a black nightie as she sits on a bed next to some man and looks at some of the newspapers.

In the next and last scene Keeley Hazell removes her maid’s outfit to show off her bra and panties, revealing a lot of cleavage as she bends over and then walks to the guy. Then she turns around and walks away in her underwear, looking back at the guy over her shoulder.

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