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Kaya Scodelario (Age 27) is a British actress known for her roles in ‘Skins’, ‘The Maze Runner’ series, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, latest ‘The King’s Daughter’ and many others! She’s married to actor Benjamin Walker and they have a son!

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The first scene is from the movie called “Skins”. In this scene Kaya Scodelario is sitting topless and in black panties on a bed while some man comes in causing her to try to cover herself giving us a quick glance at her right breast with her nipple hidden and then standing around chatting with him holding a quilt up to her chest before he gives her a shirt to put on giving us a better glance at her butt in the panties and a bit of a peek at the side of her left breast.

“The Truth About Emanuel”

The next scene is from a movie called “The Truth About Emanuel”. In this scene we see Kaya standing in front of a mirror as she removes her top to expose some good cleavage in a beige bra and then getting a white blouse and shaking it out before putting it on and beginning to button it up.


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