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Karen Allen Nude and Sex Scenes


Karen Allen is entirely naked as she sits on top of a guy in bed during a love session. She provides us some beautiful views of her bare buttocks and a couple glances of her breasts while having intercourse with the guy.


Karen Allen is bathing naked. The camera rotates around her while she washes herself, revealing her breasts.

“Animal House”

Karen Allen flashes her bare backside at us. She walks up to a door while still dressed.

“A Small Circle Of Friends”

Karen Allen is naked on the ground, wrapped in a coat. Two males standing above her notice this. She gets up and puts her coat on before falling back asleep. We can see her bare breasts during this time.

“The Wanderers”

Karen Allen is sitting at the house table with a group of people. Because they play strip poker, the majority of them are in their underwear. Karen and another female are clad only in bra and pantyhose.

“Raiders Of The Lost Ark”

Karen Allen is on her knees on the ground. She’s dressed in a white gown with a high neckline, exposing her cleavage. We can see her white panties under her skirt as she begins to stand up.


Karen Allen was thrown into a snake pit. There is a man in the hole attempting to assist her. We see her naked legs and black underwear as she falls, while she is clad in a white dress with an open back.

“Until September”

Karen Allen is sitting in a tub. She’s showing us her breasts. She stands up to speak with a man. We catch a peek of her butt and a little of bush as the guy drags her out of the tub and they tumble around on the floor.


Karen Allen was naked and lying on her stomach on a bed. She then exposes her buttocks and breasts from the side. She then moves over to a man and sits in his lap.


Karen Allen is naked and riding on the back of a man. Then, while resting on the bed next to him, she gives us another glimpse of her butt. Finally, when the covers move, we catch a sight of nipple.


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