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Jamie Chung Nude – November 2020 Big Collection

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“Lovecraft Country”

The first couple of scenes are from a movie called “Lovecraft Country”.  Jamie Chung inn her first ever nude scene! As she sits naked on a platform bed in the center of a room. She’s watching a man undress. She and the man are having sex, the guy on top of her with his hand on her breast. After the guy had finished, some tentacles are beginning to come out of Jamie’s orifices and they’re going to pick the guy up and hold him over Jamie. Then he explodes and Jamie is bathed in blood and still naked on her back.

Here is the next scene from the same movie. Jamie Chung climbing nude to the top of a guy on the floor in front of a projection screen, revealing her ass from the side, and then her breasts as she rides him. He sits up after a little, and she puts her arms around him.

The last scene from the same movie is here! Jamie Chung resting nude while a man goes down on her briefly before he moves up to have sex with her. The man kneels down while Jamie lies on her back, the guy holding her up by the hip. Then some tentacles begin to come out of Jamie’s eyes, nose and ears, and they catch and throw the guy to the floor. Jamie sees the guy’s flashbacks, including a brief glance at another topless girl in bed with him. We’ll see Jamie nude a little more before she rolls over and covers up.


The last scene for today is from a movie called “Casual”. Jamie Chung rides a man in bed, topless as she has sex with him as we gaze at what seems to be part of her left breast, or maybe a pastie.