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Fiona Viotti Nude Pics & Sex Tape With a Student LEAKED

Check out the South African teacher Fiona Viotti nude pics! She’s a water polo coach and former Sports Illustrated model! Fiona Viotti’s sex tape was leaked on the internet by some student who hated her! The boy willingly accepted the blowjob but became a victim. After all, there are some rules you have to follow despite the wet dreams of teacher-students sexual affairs we all have!

Fiona Viotti Sex Tape – LEAKED

And finally, there is the hot Sports Illustrated former model and coach Fiona Viotti porn video in full HD! We found it and decided to share it with you, so take a look at it before it goes down again. Viotti’s student gave his cock willingly as we can all see here. He also recorded the video, and was moaning like Fiotti was his wet dream for a long time! We understand you mate, just stay strong now when your parents are attacking your lovely hot teacher! The South African television reports that accounts from Arizona had been sharing the videos on porn sites. The porn videos are deleted from porn websites. And now you can see the best of it down below! Also, if you want to watch the full Fiona Viotti porn vide online for free, click on the green button at the end of the preview!

Viotti was in a “fragile state” following the allegations and the circulation of the videos. Booth said, that she was in no position to make a statement and this is not a criminal matter. What do you think? Does Fiona Viotti was drunk or drugged? I think that alcohol had nothing to do with Fiona, cause she said several times that her hands are cold while stroking her student’s cock… Maybe the student drugged her, and she has nothing to do with this passionate dick sucking action. Watch the video and see what we’re talking about!

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Fiona Viotti Nude Leaked Pics

Here are the nude leaked pics she has! She probably sent them to some of the students she was fucking! After you see the pics, you won’t blame the kids who wanted to fuck her!

Fiona Viotti (Age 30) is the high school water polo coach and history teacher from South Africa. She is popular since October 2019 for the headlines about Fiona being accused of sexually assaulting a student. Fiona is married to some guy, so this leakage is even more scandalous.

Since the allegations of abuse have come to light, Fiona Viotti has resigned from her position at Bishops College in Cape Town. The allegations first appeared in October 2019. Viotti resigned the previous day. None of the allegations involve a student under the age of 16, which is the age of sexual consent in South Africa. However, Viotti could still face civil action from the parents of the students. Viotti is the daughter of the school’s rugby coach and history teacher.

It all started when a porn website posted and then had removed a porn video of Viotti. There she is having sex and giving the blowjob to a student. Her attorney said that Fiona is quite happy that the video has been officially removed. They are still investigating who posted it, in the first place. The lawyer went on to say that he still trying to find out who posted the video in the first place. The video has been verified as being Viotti’s. Porn circulated widely on social media. Booth also said that circulating the video is a crime under South African law.