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Fetty Wap Sex Tape – It’s Public And Its Awesome

Fetty Wap sex tape is here, and it’s awesome! It is  with his ex, Alexis Sky! Looks like all these IG chicks and social media females are nothing more then low budget porn stars… It’s almost daily news with a video coming out with them sucking dick or fucking somebody. This time we have Fetty Wap porn that was released by one of these sluts!
In case you don’t know who is the slut, we are talking about Alexis Sky So here are her official comments, and sample video to follow.
Alexis Skyy Twitter confirmation

Now let’s take a look at why a pretty girl like Alexis would be interested in a one eyed pirate called Fatty Wap! Well, if you taught his six pack is the answer – you’re wrong! She’s in it for the money! Yes, I know it comes as a shocker haha!

Fetty Wap Sex Tape

You have to check this out for yourself! Here’s the Fetty Wap sex tape sex tape everyone is talking about! This is a homemade amateur video,s o don’t expect a crazy porn.. Although, he did catch a few good angles! Miss Sky’s ass is jiggling up and down as she rides his cock and I love it!


Now, the Fetty Wap porn video is out on the web, without Alexis Sky’s approval, lawsuit is to follow as she claims! For those who don’t know, she’s an Instagram model, and a former stripper!

What do you guys think? Is Alexis trying to be the next Lira Galore? Alexis Sky did post a nude photo on her Instagram a few months ago. So I will let you be the judge of her intentions!