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Eva Mendes Nude Photos and Sex Tape 2024

Look at all of these Eva Mendes nude photos! Check out the ultimate collection of sex bomb Eva Mendes naked pics and topless scenes she did through her not so long career. The Cuban beautiful actress showed all of her attributes, starting from nude boobs and ending with her tight ass cheeks!

Eva Mendes is an American actress and businesswoman from Cuba. Her acting career began in the 1990s, with a series of roles in films such as ‘Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror’ and ‘Urban Legends: Final Cut’, ‘Training Day’ ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’ and ‘Hitch’. She starred in ‘Ghost Rider’ and ‘The Spirit’, ‘We Own the Night’, ‘Bad Lieutenant’, ‘Last Night’, and ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’.

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Eva Mendes Nude and Hot Photos

Eva Mendes did some quite hot nude photo shootings for various magazines, and gave us her bare naked boobs and ass, also bush! Release the nipples, release the boobs, and release the hair on your pussies, we all like these vintage attributes! Cuba libre! Visit our other celebrity nudes and jerk it, folks!

Eva Mendes Naked and Sex Scenes Collection

“The Place Beyond the Pines”

Eva Mendes is resting on her back, topless, close to a man in bed. His arm was wrapped over her chest, his hand covering her right breast, while her left breast was just out of sight.


Eva Mendes is dressed in a green tank top. Her handbag strap is going between her breasts and pulling her shirt tight, exposing her extremely visible pokey nipples. We then see more of the same when she hops off the back of a motorcycle after a guy offers her a ride home.

“Last Night”

Eva Mendes emerges from a swimming pool in a wet nightgown that clings to her body. As a guy watches her stroll up the pool steps and begin to towel off, she’s displaying the shape of her butt.


Eva Mendes is rolling over in bed and sits up. When she leans over to pick up some clothing to put on, she exposes her naked back and a little of the top of her buttocks.

“2 Fast 2 Furious”

Eva Mendes is in a room with a group of males. She is dressed in a long, tight silk gown with a visible black lace bra underneath. We glimpse her huge cleavage on multiple occasions when she leans over.


Eva Mendes is lounging poolside. She is reclining on a chaise sofa in a white bikini. A man approaches her and speaks to her.

“The Women”

Eva Mendes is dressed in sultry black lingerie. She’s in a dressing room when another girl, wearing a white bustier, storms in. They then stand there talking, both girls revealing plenty of cleavage as Eva checks herself in a mirror.

“Urban Legends Final Cut”

Eva Mendes is dressed in a slightly see-through blue shirt. As she stands next to another girl and a guy, we can see an extremely swollen her right nipple.


Eva Mendes is wearing an orange tanktop with no bra. Her nipples are firm and slightly swollen. She had a conversation with another female on a movie set.


“We Own the Night”

Eva Mendes is masturbating on a couch. A man kneels alongside her, tugging her dress up to reveal her right breast and nipple. He then licks on her breast before placing his hand between her legs to finger her. After he stops, we see Eva laying on her side on the couch, her dress hiked up to reveal her panties.

“Holy Motors”

Eva Mendes is dressed in a slightly see-through garment that reveals her black nipples underneath. She poses for a photographer before a homeless man approaches, kisses her armpit, scoops her up over his shoulders, and carries her away while the camera flashes.


“Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call – New Orleans”

Eva Mendes is let a man into her room. She’s got on a gorgeous bra and a tiny robe over it. She is also wearing fishnet stockings while she converses with the guy and then stands by him while he converses with someone else. Eva then lies down in bed next to the guy and kisses him.

“Stuck On You”

Eva Mendes flaunts her cleavage. She is dressed in a red bikini top and very low shorts. She sits outside and spreads tanning oil on herself.

“The Spirit”

Eva Mendes is shown standing naked in black and white, displaying her ass and the side of her right breast in a brighter version that displays more of her breast and very little more on the top and bottom of the frame than in the regular film, all during a sequence from the special features.

“Training Day”

Eva Mendes is naked on a bed, and the door is open. Her bare buttocks and breasts are visible as she sits back and partially covers up with a pillow. We then see full-frontal nudity from Eva in the background as she climbs out of bed.

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