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Esha Gupta Nude Pics, Scenes and Sex Tape

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Esha Gupta Naked and Sex Scene


Esha Gupta in a red skirt and top dances with a man. He holds her by the neck as he pins her to the floor. In the next scene he is sitting and she is dancing in front of him. He runs his mouth over her neck. Then he carries her on his shoulder to the bed.

“Raaz3: The Third Dimension”

Esha Gupta doing her wedding dress makeup on the mirror. In the next scene, she is in a room full of bugs attacking her. She runs outside very panicked. Then the guy holds her so she doesn’t jump off the terrace.

“Jannat 2”

Esha Gupta stands in a blue bra with large crystals. Her breasts look beautiful. In the next scene, she is at a party with a guy. They are kissing. They are in front of the temple and kiss again. In the next scene, he pours water over her body.

Esha Gupta’s husband removes her wedding dress. He puts her on the bed naked and kisses her. Fuck me. In the next scene, they are doused with water.