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Emma Holten is a Danish journalist whose private naked photos have leaked to the public. Her ex-boyfriend wanted to humiliate and embarrass her and sent her photos to the press. She decided to take photos naked in daily activities and upload these photos to the internet. In this way, she wanted to tell everyone that she is not ashamed of her body and to have nothing to be ashamed of. We have a gallery of photographs that have been published as a counter-attack. We also recommend that you look at Emma Holten nude photos which were leaked. 

Emma Holten Porn Video

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Emma Holten Nude Photos

Here are the Emma Holten nude photos that her boyfriend leaked after she broke up with him! You can see that the pic were taken by another naked girl, so that means these pics were sent to Emma Holten’s boyfriend, and that he actually didn’t participate in making these. So maybe he felt jealous and that’s why the couple filmed the sex tape, who knows!