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Elizabeth Berkley Nude And Sex Scenes Compilation

Check out hot actress Elizabeth Berkley nude and sex scenes! Here are some of the sexiest scenes this milf has done when she was younger! There will be a video compilation of all the scenes at the end of the post! And that’s for all you action lovers!

Elizabeth Berkley Nude And Hot Pics

We’re going to start of f with some nude and hot pics of Elizabeth Berkley! Some are screenshots from the movies, but they were too good not to put them in here!

Elizabeth Berkley Nude And Sex Scenes

These scenes are all from the same movie. It’s the movie called “Showgirls” and that movie is what made Elizabeth Berkley famous! I’m guessing it’s not for her acting skills, but her body, which she shows in mostly all of the scenes in the movie!

In the first scene we get a beautiful upskirt glimpse of Elizabeth Berkley as she lifts her leg to tackle a man and confirms she doesn’t have any panties beneath her leopard skirt! The scene later on is in a slow motion so you don’t miss out on anything!

In the next scene we see Elizabeth Berkley stripteasing in front of a man, showing us her hot naked body! And she later on gives him a lap dance of his life!

In the next scene Elizabeth Berkley is removing her dress and heading naked into a swimming pool with her breasts and brush in view. She jumps in and a man arrives with a bottle of champagne and two glasses to accompany her. He then pours over Elizabeth the champagne and licks it off her breasts before making out with her. Elizabeth then sits up to the edge of the pool in his lap, wrapping an arm around his neck as they continue having sex. She then lies back under a waterfall as the sex becomes more serious, her breasts bounce wildly as he lifts her up and she drives him hard until she reaches orgasm!


In the next scene, Elizabeth Berkley and some other girl are doing a very hot dance! And it’s girl on girl striptease as they take off each other’s panties! They then bump and grind against each other while they’re completely nude. As they end, Elizabeth walks off the stage and we see her topless on the strip club floor as a man speaks to her for a while.


This is sadly the last scene! Elizabeth Berkley isĀ  naked as she mounts a man’s lap as they’re in the water! The two and have loud, wild sex in the pool!

Elizabeth Berkley Nude And Sex Scenes Compilation

Here’s the promised compilation of the scenes! This is everyone’s favorite part! And especially for all you real action lovers! So here’s a compilation of all the nude and sex scenes Elizabeth Berkley has combined in one video!