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Giulia Diletta Leotta is an Italian television presenter from Catania, Sicily. She anchors Serie A broadcasts for DAZN in the 2018-2019 season. Leotta had presented the channels broadcasts of Serie B games along on Sky Sport (Italy) with Gianluca Di Marzio and Luca Marchegiani. Aída Yéspica in 2018 worked with Leotta, as a radio host of 105 Take Away, a program of Radio 105 Network that Leotta anchors with Daniele Battaglia and Alan Caligiuri. Leotta hosted Miss Italia with Francesco Facchinetti, won by Carlotta Maggiorana. She studied Law in Rome. Also, she is an actress, she made her debut alongside Italian actress Donatella Finocchiaro in the film ‘Lost Kisses‘.

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