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“True Blood”

As Deborah Ann Woll wakes up, she is in a bra and underwear, resting on a bed. She immediately turns to check her phone for messages. She then rises from the bed and dons a robe, exposing more cleavage as she does so.


Deborah Ann Woll removes her bathrobe to display her bra and underwear to a man watching from a bed. She then crawls over to the guy and gets into bed with him, lying on her side while exposing some cleavage.


In her bra and underwear, Deborah Ann Woll chats with a man as he spreads out some rose petals and lights some candles to establish the ambiance.


While a man gets undressed, Deborah Ann Woll unbuttons her blouse to reveal a pink bra and some cleavage. She then takes her pants down from under her skirt. After she prevents him from having sex, we see more of Deborah standing in her bra.

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