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Christina Applegate Nude Scenes Compilation

“Claudine’s Return”

In this first scene, Christina is walking out onto a strip club stage, nibbling on a lollipop and wearing a teddy bear. While carrying a toy bear she then begins to dance as she leans over giving us an upskirt peek at her ass.

As Christina is sitting in a convertible a guy pours champagne in her mouth, while at the same time spills it everywhere! That causes her to jump and remove her shirt revealing her bra! Guy continues to kiss her over her chest and cleavage and she obviously enjoyed it!

Applegate shoves her hand down a guy’s pants in an alley and gives him a handjob as they spin in circles as he shoves his thumb in her mouth.


Christina Applegate kisses a guy while he lowers her top, revealing her left breast from behind before he rests his hand on it. After that, he starts making out with her while holding her breasts!

“Wild Bill”

Now, Christina Applegate stands in front of a mirror, wearing a bustier that reveals some excellent cleavage, while a man watches her apply cosmetics. Guy, is coming to her from the back and grabs her boobs!

“Samantha Who”

The next scene, will give us a perfect chance to see and enjoy Christina’s deep cleavage! She is talking with a guy and walking around wearing a bra and skirt! She really has nice boobs!

“Suzanne;s Diaries For Nicholas”

A guy is kissing Christina from the back and removes her shirt! She then stays only in her bra and turns around to kiss him! They continue kissing while he gently removes her bra too, and she remains naked!

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