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Cathy Stewart Nude Scenes & Porn Video

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Cathy Stewart Porn Video

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In the first scene, Cathy Stewart undresses in front of Brigitte Lahaie in a room, revealing full-frontal nudity as she walks up and tries to kiss Brigitte.

Stewart is laying in bed, mostly immobile, naked on her back, talking to herself. We then see her nude in bed, sitting against the wall, brandishing a pair of scissors.

“Die Nichten der Frau Oberst”

Now, Stewart is outdoors, raising the skirt of her maid’s uniform to display her bush to a guy, then turning around and posing while showing him her ass before departing.

Cathy is standing in a bathroom, removing her black maid’s dress to display her entirely naked body save for a garter and stockings, which she also removes before sitting on a toilet and spreading her legs.

Next scene, Karine Gambier raises Cathy Stewart’s dress and admires her bush while running her fingers over her flesh, dressed as a maid.

A guy stands upstairs watching till they find Cathy Stewart (brunette) and Karine Gambier (blonde) both fully nude touching each other on the ground in a living room.