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“The Leftovers”

In the first scene, Carrie Coon kissing a guy while her bra comes off, revealing her breasts. Before he takes her up and sets her on a bed, the guy rises up her skirt, exposing her bare buttocks.

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When Carrie Coon stands topless in front of a guy and reaches her hand down his pants while making out with him, she exposes her right breast.

Carrie Coon dresses up to appear older as she removes her robe and enters a bath tub, flashing a small portion of her left nipple in the process.

“The Nest”

And now, Carrie Coon exposes her bare breasts in a sex scene with a man, first on her back beneath him before rolling over on top of him, her buttocks also visible.

In the last scene, Carrie Coon is lying on her back on a bed, her top unbuttoned so that her left breast is visible, as a man at the foot of the bed begins to pull down her slacks, revealing her underpants.

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