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Carole Laure Porn Video

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Carole Laure Nude Scenes From “La tête de Normande St-Onge”

Okay, it’s time to see what this goodie has to offer! If you didn’t know Carole Laure is 72 years old, and these scenes are from when she was young and on fire! You will see that in the past she was one sexy lady! so, just scroll down and enjoy her scenes! If you like hot vintage scenes, then go and check out also Suzanne Somers on Scandal Planet!

In the first scene, Carole Laure is naked on her back on a bed, revealing her breasts and bush, with pills strewn across her tummy and between her breasts.

Carole Laure dances with a group of dancers and then alone on stage, topless and with some glittering gold body paint on.

As her bush comes into view, Laure sits on the side of a bed in thigh-high stockings as a guy reaches up her shirt to rub her breasts.

Carole Laure has sex with a guy while lying on her back with her blouse raised up to display her breasts and thigh-high stockings. She bends herself over to go down on the guy after a brief wait.

And in this scene, Carole Laure is naked on the edge of a bed, her head against a wall, and her butt and side boob are exposed.

Carole Laure is lying in a field, wearing a see-through white dress that hangs off one shoulder. Also, exposing her left breast, as a gang of boys lifts her to a sitting position.

Uh, and see this now, Carole Laure walks topless through some brush in a woodland. Alongside with a guy looking on from some nearby bushes, wearing a headpiece with bare breasts and some sparkling gold and red body paint on.

In the last scene, In this dream sequence, Carole Laure is entirely naked in a wooden boat that is half-filled with a blood-like liquid, her breasts and bush visible.