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“Monster of The Nudist Colony”

Bridgette B is naked on a blanket in a field, having a dream, and then having a man wake her up and talk to her before she gets up and they go.

B is completely naked. She is listening to music while lying in a lounge chair by a pool when she is stopped by a man who talks to her while running his hands over her and approaching her.

Bridgette B sits in a guy’s lap and rides him in reverse while he sits in a chair and plays with her very enormous breasts before she stands up.

In this scene, Bridgette B is on all fours in a pool lounge chair having sex with a guy behind her, her enormous breasts bouncing back and forth, when Roobie Breastnut pulls out a revolver and shows them her police badge.

“The Devil Wears Nada”

Bridgette B (right) sits on Codi Carmichael’s face (middle), as Aryan Astyn (left) leans in for a lesbian kiss, and then Bridgette has sex with Aryan from behind while Codi kneels and plays with herself.


Bridgette B (blonde) and Ava Addams (brunette) play pool topless in a pub while a guy sprints across the room and then stops to inspect Bridgette’s body till she unintentionally smacks him.

“All Out Dysfunktion”

Now, Bridgette B. walks up to a guy wearing a short skirt with her ass hanging out the bottom in a thong, then turns and shows her cleavage before sliding down onto her knees.

“The Salad Mixxxer”

And in the last scene, in an unbuttoned pink shirt, Bridgette B. is shown in a false infomercial displaying some cleavage.

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