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Betty Gilpin Nude, Pics and Scenes and Sex Tape

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Betty Gilpin Nude Scenes

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Betty Gilpin is speaking on a cordless phone while sitting on a bed, showing off some excellent cleavage behind an open robe. She hurriedly removes the bed’s covers after the call.


We first see Betty Gilpin’s bare shoulders as she stands in the shower before getting a lovely side view of her wet body with her breasts and butt exposed. Then, with Betty wrapped in a blue towel, she emerges from the shower as a male walks into the changing room. She begins by leaning forward and showing more of her butt and side boob.


Betty Gilpin, who is laying on the ground on her back with the man on top of her, exposes her left breast during sex with the man. We get a better view of her other breast as she talks to him further, and she tops him when she hears music playing in the room across the hallway.


Betty Gilpin is tending to a baby while seated on a bed. She finally opens the door for the man while holding the infant in her arms after getting up and walking while carrying the child.


Betty Gilpin is engaged in combat with another woman in the ring. We can see her huge cleavage and the shape of her breasts while she is wearing a red corset.


When a man in a convertible approaches Betty Gilpin as she is standing in the street, he begins to speak to her. Betty is dressed in tiny white shorts and a bikini.



“Take Care”

Betty Gilpin seduces a man who approaches her while seated at the dining room table in sultry black underwear and stiletto heels. They then begin kissing.


On the tennis court, Betty Gilpin engages in a game of tennis with a man while they sip champagne. The man is dressed in a bathrobe, while Betty is in a bathing suit. When it’s over, they kiss.



In a black bra and underpants, Betty Gilpin ran screaming from a hotel room before falling down next to a car and being carried into it by a man.


Speaking to a man while lying on a bed with a black bra and black panties, Betty Gilpin is seen in the video. She continues chatting to him after he left until she becomes ill, becomes agitated, gets up, and knocks over some furniture before he rushes in to see how she is doing.


“Beach Pillows”

Betty Gilpin, who is wearing a sweater and pajamas, is lying on the bed. A man enters the room, takes the woman off the bed, places her on the floor next to him, and starts conversing with her.

“Law & Order: Criminal Intent”

Betty Gilpin removes her top to reveal a black bra while straddling a man on a couch. A man with a gun comes through the door, interrupting their chat as they kiss and start to undo her bra.


“Nurse Jackie”

Betty Gilpin is portrayed vigorously rocking back and forth on a hospital bed while being ridden by a man, just wearing a red bra and flashing her naked butt to the side. When they are interrupted, a close-up of Betty’s left butt cheek is shown. She then jumps off the man and leaves the room while buttoning her blouse over her bra.


As soon as they come to a stop, Betty Gilpin gets up, engages the man in conversation, and flashes some great cleavage while wearing a black bra before forcing him back up against the shelf and starting to kiss his neck. They are talking to each other while interacting sexually with some dishes-covered shelves.


In a man’s office, Betty Gilpin is changing while the man himself is doing the same. Betty is dressed in a pink skirt and bra. She then pushes him back into the chair and leans down to perform a sexual act on his lap. After tossing her bra, her enormous breasts are briefly revealed before she bends forward and rubs them against the man.


A man sits on a chair and watches Betty Gilpin take off her clothes. She removes her shirt and unbuttons it to reveal a red bra underneath. She reaches behind to unhook that and drops it to expose both breasts. She then kneels in front of the man and prepares to land on him.


“Nurse Jackie”

Betty Gilpin is seen riding a man on a hospital bed, grasping the rails and rocking back and forth violently while wearing only a red bra and exposing her bare buttocks from the side.

Gilpin is undressing while a man watches her from a chair. She unbuttons and removes her shirt, revealing a red bra underneath. She then unhooks that by reaching back.

Now, Betty Gilpin is having sex with a guy up against some shelves covered in clanging dishes, and she and another guy are talking about it at the same time.


And now, Betty Gilpin exposing her left breast over a man’s shoulder while having sex on the floor with Betty on her back and the man on top of her.


Gilpin is seen lying on a bed in a black bra and black slacks, conversing with a man, and then having him leave the room while she continues to converse with him.

“Criminal Intent”

She’s straddling a guy on a couch, removing her top to reveal a black bra, then sitting and talking with him for a while as they kiss and he undoes her bra.

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