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Barbara Crampton Nude Scenes & Porn Video & Sexy Pics

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Barbara Crampton Porn Video

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Barbara Crampton Nude Scenes

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We see Barbara Crampton’s breasts when she stands up after having sex with a gentleman, and then we see her breasts when she stands up before putting on her bra.

Crampton is fully clothed and strapped to a hospital bed, exposing her breasts and bush while a man comes over to pinch and fondle her breasts as a decapitated head creeps down between her thighs.

Barbara Crampton is lying on her back with a group of nurses attending to her, exposing her breasts by tugging her shirt apart. After that, a man attempts for a while to revive her before giving up.


In this scene, Barbara Crampton has her huge breasts sucked on before showing off her ass in a love scene.

“Body Double”

A short clip of a naked Barbara Crampton riding a man while he squeezes her breasts.

“From Beyond”

Crampton is dressed in a sultry leather dominatrix attire, complete with a string thong that reveals her butt while she straddles a man who is lying on his back.

“Jakob’s Wife”

In this scene, Barbara Crampton is reclining in a bubble bath, the shadow of her nipple evident through the bubbles.

Crampton is on the floor when a man rolls over on top of her and makes out with her. She then straddles him, ripping her dress apart to reveal her left breast, which the guy touches.

Barbara Crampton Sexy Photos

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