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“The Feels”

In the first scene, Constance Wu sits in a white bra lesbian hugging Angela and rubbing her breasts before getting under the covers and kissing Angela’s stomach before pulling off Angela’s panties and going down on her.

Angela Trimbur is seen lying in bed with Constance Wu, wearing a see-through blue lace bra that reveals her nipples underneath, as seen from above gazing down at them.

“Trash Fire”

Trimbur is lying on her back on a bed, surrounded by a naked man. She lifts up her pink dress to expose her nude beneath, revealing her pokey nipples. As the guy has sex with her, we see her bare breasts.

Angela Trimbur is seen nude through a shower curtain while taking a shower, and someone enters the bathroom to take a look before exiting, leaving Angela completely unaware with her back turned.


Angela Trimbur has rough sex with a man while hopping up and down and riding him on a bed while talking dirty, wearing prosthetic meth teeth.


Trimbur can be seen in the background as she and Jessica Friedman remove their robes to expose Jessica’s bikini and Angela’s bikini bottoms and right breast as they step into a hot tub as some guys chat in the foreground.

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Angela Trimbur nude

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