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Andrew Gillum Nude & Overdosed And Leaked Gay Porn

Here are Andrew Gillum nude pics that were leaked a day or two ago. Plus in addition to that, as a bonus, we here at Scandal Post managed to get our hands on Travis Dyson’s iCloud (I’ll explain who is he later), and so on there we have found Andrew Gillum’s and his porn video! It is the  result of the drug and booze party at a Florida hotel in Miami that left a male escort and forced high-Senator Andrew Gillum into rehab. In the disturbing police photos of the hotel room, we can see plastic baggies of alleged crystal meth, empty beer bottles and prescription pills amongst garbage and soiled bedding. Andrew Gillum has a wife and three kids, so it’s no wonder that this scandal has made to the top of the news today!

Andrew Gillum Gay Porn Video

As I said, there was a male escort with Andrew Gillum that night at the hotel (and not only the hotel, because the two shared a room). That man is Travis Dyson, and he alongside with his ‘friend’ Andrew Gillum were found unconscious due to drug overdose. There was another man involved, and that was the guy who called the paramedics after these two fainted. Anyways, as I said, we hired hackers who managed to get to Travis Dyson’s iCloud, and in here we found this! From the same night and in the same room where the two were found overdosed! Click on the green button at the end of the preview to watch the full gay Andrew Gillum porn video online for free!

Travis Dyson

As to who is the guy that was on crystal meth with Andrew Gillum, his name is Travis Dyson. If you saw the porn video up here, then it’ll be very obvious to you that the fella is gay! But not just normal gay, but gay escort! So Andrew Gillum hired a male escort to get drunk and high with him to have sex! Wow, what a way to cheat on your wife! And especially because all of this got to the public eye very quickly. So anyways here are some pictures of the handsome gay escort, Travis Dyson!

Police Pictures Of The Hotel Room

As I said, this was a drugs and alcohol party, so it’s no surprise that the room is littered by empty bottles, baggies of crystal meth and prescription pills all around! But what disgusted me the most is the vomit that’s all around the 220$ per night hotel room! So here are the pictures of the trashed hotel room with all the drugs in them!

Andrew Gillum Nude Picture

And finally, here’s the part of the post all of you actually came for! Here’s the picture of Andrew Gillum fully nude, lying unconscious and overdosed on the floor, with vomit next to his mouth. Disgusting if you ask me! So, because he sued everyone, we can’t post the uncensored version, but I think this picture is very self explanatory.