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Amy Smart Nude Pics, Scenes and Sex Tape

Check this out folks! Here are all of the best Amy Smart nude and sex scenes that she has ever done! I know you’ll enjoy these, especially because at the end we’ll have a compilation of all the scenes combin ed in just one video for you to enjoy in!

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Amy Smart Nude and Sex Scenes

Here guys, is a collection of all the Amy Smart nude and sex scenes that exist! Press play and enjoy!


The first couple of scenes are from a movie called “Crank”. In this scene we see Amy Smart lying on her back on the pavement on a public sidewalk while she puts her legs in the air as a guy has sex with her and a group of people watch her. Then she bends over a mailbox, standing up and revealing a little of her left breast while the guy has sex with her from behind.

We can see in the next scene Amy Smart bending over a man who’s lying outside on the ground and inadvertently giving us a nice look down her top to her right breast and nipple.

“Road Trip”

The next scenes are from a movie called “Road Trip”. In the first scene Amy Smart was pulling her top over her head to expose her nice breasts to a man lying in bed. Then she walks over and joins him in bed, wearing only red panties as she kisses him.

We can, in the next scene see Amy Smart on a TV screen that gave us a close glimpse at her butt in red panties, and then appeared out of sight in the mirror as she removed her shirt from behind and then climbed up to the top of a guy before giving us a closer look at her left breast as she straddles a guy and kisses him.

“Crank: High Voltage”

The next couple of scenes are from a movei called “Crank: High Voltage”. In the first scene we see Amy Smart as she dances on stage at a strip club, unhooking her top to expose the black X’s stuck on her nipples. And she proceeds to dance like that, wearing just a pair of tiny pink shorts as she shows off her body and a room of people. Instead she notices one of the guys and speaks to him a little before the club begins fighting.

Amy Smart, falling into the dirt of a horse track during a race, grinding against the guy and riding him while the crowd watches. The man flips Amy on her back and flings off her panties so that they can have sex in a number of crazy positions as the crowd keeps cheering them on. At one point, Amy ‘s character reveals bare breasts, but they’re a double body.


The next scene is from a movie called “Mirrors”. In the next scene Amy Smart is undressing in front of a mirror, revealing her bare ass and her left breast as she steps into a bathtub. We also get a brief view of her breasts as she leans against the back of the bathtub before dropping herself deeper into the water.


The next scene is from a movie called “Scrubs”. This scene shows Amy Smart while she’s removing a blue robe to expose some lingerie with a black bra and panties, then climbing over a man on the bed and giving us a peek at her cleavage.

Amy Smart Nude and Hot Scenes Compilation

As per usual the best is saved for last! Here is the promised compilation! All of the Amy Smart nude and hot scenes from above are combined in just one video! Enjoy folks! Click on the green button at the end of the preview to watch the full compilation for completely free!

Amy Smart Sexy and Bikini Photos

So, now that we’ve seen all of Amy Smart nude and sex scenes, as well as her braless red carpet debut… I’ve got one more gallery for you! Here’s a wonderful series of Amy Clever sexy and bikini images! Simply keep scrolling down and take in the vision that is in front of you!