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Aleksandra Bortich Nude and Sex Scenes Compilation

Check this out folks! Here are all of the scenes in which was Aleksandra Bortich nude, or she had sex in it! This 25 year old Russian blonde is in many men’s dreams and now she’s in mine as well! Keep scrolling and enjoy folks, there will be a video compilation at the end so keep an eye out for that!

“About Love”

The first scene is from a movie called “About Love”. And in the first scene Aleksandra Bortich gives us a good look at her breasts while sleeping naked next to a guy in bed, and then wakes up as she cums against him and teases him while talking a little.


The next two scenes are from a movie called “Viking”. In the firs scene Aleksandra Bortich shows us her bare boobs when a man tears his clothes open and has sex with her on a fur-covered bed. Then we see her on top of the guy, revealing bare ass and bush as she has verbal intercourse with him, moaning loudly before someone throws an ax over her head and Aleksandra and the guy rolls off the bed and onto the floor.

And now, here’s the last scene for toady! In this scene we see Aleksandra Bortich as she straddles a man as he lies on a bed of furs. As she leans over to kiss him, we can see her right breast from the side as her tunic falls open. Before drawing a knife on him, she straddles the guy, at which point she rolls her back with her hand on her left breast and her right breast in a brief perspective.

Aleksandra Bortich Nude and Sex Scenes Compilation

I promised a compilation, and since I always keep my promises, here it is! Yes, it’s a compilation of all the Aleksandra Bortich nude and sex scenes from above! It’s combined in just one video so you guys can enjoy it without taking breaks!