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Aimee Brooks Nude Scenes Compilation

Check this out folks! Here’s a great Aimee Brooks nude scenes collection! All of the scenes are from ‘The Hillside Strangler’.Well, I should say both of them.. Anyways, Something is always better than nothing, so here come these amazing Aimee Brooks naked scenes!

Aimee Brooks was born on 19th of November 1974 in Los Angeles , USA. Her full name is Aimee Marie Bradley. Aimee Brooks is an independent filmmaker and media contributor. She owned a production company named Dark Window Productions, which produced internet content and feature films.

“The Hillside Strangler”

As I said all (both) of the scenes are from the same movie. It’s called “”The Hillside Strangler”. In the first scene we see Aimee Brooks hog tied naked on her stomach with a rope binding her hands to her ankles, giving us a peek at her butt as the camera pants across her body as she cries out as some guys enter the house.

The next scene is from the same movie, as said before. However, this scene is not a nude scene, but a really sexy scene instead, so don’t worry! This scene is all about some natural boobs bouncing up and down underneath a thin shirt! We see Aimee Brooks as she wears a tight pink t-shirt withouth having a bra on. We can also slightly see her hard nipples as she walks into a workshop with some man talking and then starts dancing with him before another guy comes in and starts dancing with her as well while her breasts bounce around freely and jiggle a lot.