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Agostina Bettinelli Nude Scenes Compilation

Check this out folks! Here are all of the best Agostina Bettinelli nude and sex scenes! To be clear, when I say all of the best I mean all three of them.. Yes, miss Bettinelli sadly didn’t have a blooming career if you could say so. I’d wish she acted in more movies, and did some more nude and sex scenes, cause she is like super hot and pretty!

There isn’t much to know about this girl to be honest. She’s an actress, and she’s only done three films. And that are Desire (2017), Firpo (2015) and Historias breves 11: Firpo (2015). That’s it haha nothing more you need to know. We don’t know much more anyways so..


All three of the scenes are from the same movie. The movie is called “Desire”. In the first scene we can see some girl pushing a black dude on bed. She’s pulling his pants down as she is kissing him. Then we can see Agostina Bettinelli crawling into the room so the guy doesn’t see her. She starts to suck on his dick as the other girl is watching. She at one point gets jealous and she starts kissing him. The guy then realizes that he’s having a threesome and he cums in Agostina Bettinelli’s mouth!

The next scene is here! And in it Agostina Bettinelli is sitting in front of the fireplace in her panties with her legs wide open while she uses some metal tongs to take a piece of hot coal out of the fire. She then pulls her panties to the side, revealing some of her vagina lips before pushing the coal against her vagina and burning herself before some other chick sees what she’s doing and runs in to stop her.

Now let’s see the last scene! Agostina Bettinelli is sitting with a guy by a fire while she watches her sister, pull some guy’s pants down to look at his big penis and then go down on him while he sits in a chair before Agostina pulls down the pants of the guy she’s with and starts going down on him as well, sucking hard and constantly looking back at her sister while doing so. She’s looking at her to make sure she’s doing it right. Then she abruptly wants to pause and take a hot iron from the oven, burning her hand at the same time as her sister’s mouth is orgasmed in to. Causing her sister to sprint around the room keeping it in, and then spit the semen in Agostina’s hand to calm it off, eventually storming out of the room crazy with Agostina.

Agostina Bettinelli Nude and Sex Scenes Compilation

So folks, here is your favorite part! The best is always saved for last, so here comes the compilation! It’s a compilation of all the Agostina Bettinelli nude and sex scenes from above combined in just one video for you to enjoy in! You can click on the green button at the end of the preview to watch the full compilation for free!