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Brunette hottie Adria Arjona is an American actress and model, born in Puerto-Rico. She played in the ‘Good Omens’ and will appear in the upcoming ‘Morbius’ in 2020. She is just 31 years old, and still one of the hottest Latinas gals out there.

Arjona is best known for her roles in the series ‘True Detective‘ and in the ‘Person of Interest’. She also starred in the series ‘Emerald City’ as Dorothy Gale and some hooker in ‘Narcos‘, where she made several naked appearances in sex scenes. Scroll and enjoy watching this sex bomb!

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The fist two scenes are from a TV show called “Narcos”. In the first scene Adria Arjona has an intense sex with a man as he lifts her up in the air on a couch as he shoves her in until he lays her back over the arm of the couch before they eventually finish and chat for a little while before she sits down and gives us a closer look at her breasts with her right nipple hidden in a patch and her left nipple uncovered.

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The last scene s from a TV show called “True Detective”. Adria Arjona in a shimmering pink tank top and see-through purple panties as she crawls across the bed and begins to undress a man while kissing him. Then she waits on the bed for the guy to come back from the shower, and he comes out wrapped in a towel, which she takes off on all fours of her bed, beginning to get down on the guy as he stands at the corner.

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Here is the compilation of three best nude sex scenes Adria Arjona ever filmed. In the first one, she has intensive sex from behind with a guy. She is standing while the man is fucking her from behind. We can see the pleasure in her face, as she moans in full view. A great nude sex scene from ‘Narcos’ series.

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