Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid Hot for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show !

Check out last night’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show, and one of the most famous angels – Bella Hadid hot outfits! The show happened at Pier 94 in New York, all the angels were perfect, no incidents like last year, when Bella Hadid’s tits slipped in the middle of the show! Instagram star and model just don’t deserves to be called an angel, she’s made for banging! Her sister Gigi Hadid is a real angel though! Check out how Bella managed this year’s most important runway walk!

At first she was nervous in the dressing room:
Then Bella Hadid hot look No 1 released inner angel:
After a while, she walked again, but as a devil:
She attended the after party, changed twice again, and showed her deep cleavage, nipples and tits!

Last year’s appearances of Bella Hadid, sexy as hell: